Welcome to the Pellipar Lodge website. We are a Lodge of Freemasons who are members of the Great Twelve Livery Companies, with our origins lying with the Skinners Company in particular. If you are interested in becoming a member of our Lodge please complete the contact form.

Here you will find some more information about the Lodge, its members, its history and its ritual, as well as some pointers to other more general information on freemasonry.

We hope that you will find something of interest within this area and want to take that interest further. Should you wish to join the Lodge, please contact the Secretary.


Pellipar Lodge was the first City Livery Lodge to be formed and is the most senior of the City Livery Lodges having been consecrated in 1898. As part of the centenary celebrations a short history was written by two of the Lodge members, John Carter and Jervis Kay, which forms the basis of much of the information on this site.

Founded for those associated with the Skinners‘ Company, Pellipar Lodge had as one of its original aims “to unite even more closely those already associated together”. 

This aim was further achieved when in 1973 membership was extended to the Merchant Taylors’ Company and thence to include any of the Great Twelve Livery Companies in 2014. 

This continues to the present day as the membership is drawn from male Liverymen, Freemen and Apprentices of, and those closely connected with, the Great Twelve Livery Companies.

The present membership of the Lodge numbers just under 30 and includes members of all age groups and across a number of our constituent Livery Companies.

Pellipar Lodge Opens Up – Arena Magazine Issue 17


The Lodge currently meets and dines at the Wax Chandlers Hall as follows:

Fourth Monday in April (unless this clashes with Easter)             

Fourth Monday in November                                       

Fourth Monday in February                                                  

The installation of each new Worshipful Master happens at the April meeting.

If you are a mason, whether a member of one the Companies or not, and would like to come and visit us please contact the Secretary.

Livery & Masonry

The following Freemasons’ Lodges are associated with the City & Livery:

Pellipar Lodge No 2693

Cutlers’ Lodge No 2730

St. Catherine’s Lodge No 3743

City Livery Lodge No 3752

Feltmakers Lodge No 3839

Taurus Lodge No 3981

Paynter Stainers Lodge No 4256

Needlemakers Lodge No 4343

Laus Deo Lodge No 4821

Lora et Aries Lodge No 5086

Lodge of St Julian No 5107

Basket-Makers Lodge No 5639

Paviors Lodge No 5646

Lodge of Love And Friendship No 6123

Farriers Lodge No 6305

Poulters Lodge No 6876

Wellington Livery Masters Lodge No 6991

Blacksmiths Lodge No 7175

Plaisterers Lodge No 7390

City of London Installed Masters Lodge No 8220

Per Caelum Lodge No 8602

City Gate Lodge No 9890

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