Charles Masterman

Charles Edward Masterman* was an Old Carthusian, an engineer and Past Master of the Skinners Company who emigrated to Australia in 1912. He was the brother of William Masterman, his co-founder.

Masterman was born to an old Quaker banking family and went to Charterhouse in the same year as Baden-Powell. He was Articled to a leading London engineer and became an associate member of the Institute of Civil Engineers. Among his professional achievements was the building of the Para waterworks in Brazil and the introduction of the well-known Thermit process to England.

He was a Freeman of the City of London, a member of the Skinners’ Company.

Due to his father’s financial difficulties he moved his family to Australia in 1912 and settled in Tasmania. He was engaged on the diversion of the Hobart Rivulet until he retired from engineering to take up orcharding at Bagdad and later at Austin’s Ferry.

He died in Australia in 1938.