Family Tree

Pellipar Lodge No 2693 is part of the Lodge of Unity No 69 family tree.

Our Mother Lodge is the Lodge of Unity No 69, a London lodge founded in April 1742 at Lincoln’s Inn.

Pellipar has a sister Lodge, the Frederick Lodge of Unity No 452, founded in 1838. Frederick Lodge has a further 45 lodges descended from it – all our distant cousins

We are fortunate to boast six descendant lodges, all of which are associated with livery companies:

Our daughter lodge is St Catherine’s Lodge No 3743 (the Lodge associated with the Turners’ Company).

Our granddaughter lodges are Feltmakers Lodge No 4343 and City Gate Lodge No 9890 (a Lodge connected to Security Professionals and Liverymen of the City of London).

Our great granddaughter lodges are Needlemakers Lodge No 4821 and Blacksmiths Lodge No 7175.

Last but not least our great great granddaughter lodge is the Farriers Lodge No 6305.