Livery & Masonry

The following Freemasons’ Lodges are associated with the City & Livery:

Pellipar Lodge No 2693

Cutlers’ Lodge No 2730

St. Catherine’s Lodge No 3743

City Livery Lodge No 3752

Feltmakers Lodge No 3839

Taurus Lodge No 3981

Paynter Stainers Lodge No 4256

Needlemakers Lodge No 4343

Laus Deo Lodge No 4821

Lora et Aries Lodge No 5086

Lodge of St Julian No 5107

Basket-Makers Lodge No 5639

Paviors Lodge No 5646

Lodge of Love And Friendship No 6123

Farriers Lodge No 6305

Poulters Lodge No 6876

Wellington Livery Masters Lodge No 6991

Blacksmiths Lodge No 7175

Plaisterers Lodge No 7390

City of London Installed Masters Lodge No 8220

Per Caelum Lodge No 8602

City Gate Lodge No 9890

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