Thomas Dorman

Thomas Phipps Dorman was an industrialist and brewer with interests in the Dorman Engineering Company of Northampton manufacturing their eponymous sewing machines, a director of P Phipps & Co and a brewer in Towcester.

He was a keen mason who joined a number of orders and wrote several books including the History of Pomfret Lodge No 360, Lodge of Fidelity No 652 and the Northants & Hunts Province, which made him a PPGSoWks.

He was initiated into Eleanor Cross Lodge No 1764 and later joined Fitzwilliam Lodge No 2533 in Peterborough and Dene Lodge No 2228 in Cookham.

As well as founding Pellipar Lodge, he helped found the Victory Preceptory (KT) later becoming the first Provincial Prior of Northants & Hunts. He was also in Use Croix, becoming the Inspector General for the North Central District. He was also a member of the Quatuor Coronati Correspondence Circle. Grand Lodge appointed him AGDC in 1900.

He was born free of the City of London, his father being a Skinner and he followed in his footsteps.