In Memoriam – George Ambler Thomas

Second Lieutenant George Ambler Thomas London Rifle Brigade was Killed in Action serving with the 1st Bttn in the defence of Calais on 26 May 1940 and is buried in the Pas de Calais CWGC Cemetery.

The London Rifle Brigade formed part of the Allied forces at the Siege of Calais whose defence of that strategic site allowed the evacuation of so much of the BEF from Dunkirk, even when they knew that evacuation for themselves was impossible. They were responsible for holding up three Panzer divisions, providing invaluable time to fill gaps in the line, and together with the action at Arras, contributed materially to enabling the evacuation of 300,000 soldiers at Dunkirk.

Ambler was an Old Harrovian who in peacetime was a woolbroker in the City, the family business and a territorial volunteer with the London Rifle Brigade.

He was initiated into the Pellipar Lodge in 1930, becoming Worshipful Master in 1938. He also joined the Old Harrovian Lodge No 4653 and was exalted into the Mount Moriah Chapter No 34 in London.