Pellipar Lodge was the first City Livery Lodge to be formed and is the most senior of the City Livery Lodges having been consecrated in 1898. As part of the centenary celebrations a short history was written by two of the Lodge members, John Carter and Jervis Kay, which forms the basis of much of the information on this site.

Founded by those and for those associated with the Skinners‘ Company, Pellipar Lodge had as one of its original aims “to unite even more closely those already associated together”. 

The idea of a Lodge for the Skinners Company was originated by John Farquharson Roberts, who sought to increase the frequency of of opportunities he and his fellow liverymen could meet beyond “once or twice a year”. Forty brethren answered his enquiry seeking suitably qualified Skinners, and twenty-one would go on to be the Founders of the Lodge the following year.

The Founders were drawn from a range of lodges with no one dominating however Apollo University Lodge No 357, the Savage Club Lodge 2190, Granite Lodge No 1328, Jerusalem Lodge No 197 and Tuscan Lodge No 14 all provided more than one of the number. Of more relevance to the City, Fitzroy Lodge No 569 also provided a member.

This aim was further achieved when in 1973 membership was extended to the Merchant Taylors’ Company and thence to include any of the Great Twelve Livery Companies in 2014.