Pellipar uses “Cartwright” working or more properly called the “English Ritual”.  

It is named after the first Worshipful Master of the Lodge Dr E H Cartwright, who sought to clarify from the varied oral traditions of workings used in England at the time, a grammatically correct and written ritual that could be used by lodges and learnt by their brethren.

The ritual is used by only seven Lodges in the country and Pellipar considers itself the ostensible steward and custodian of this ritual.

Lodges to use Cartwright or English Ritual are:

Pellipar Lodge No 2693

Lowy of Tonbridge Lodge No 4834

City University Lodge No 7962

Sir John St Aubyn Lodge No 8839

If your lodge uses Cartwright ritual and would like to be included in this list please contact us.